Patented microbes for vast oil production

Petro Algae is engaged in growing the microalgae and in processing it for the production of algaebased oil

We also acoustic-focusing technology for concentrating the cells of algae into a mixture. It helps us to squeeze out the oil very easily. We rely on the cost-effective process to obtain the oil from algae. We have different chambers separating the algae from oil. Our lab-based procedure is highly sophisticated to supply oil to all our clients.

We work with a vision of global oil production.

We have achieved success in our algal cultures. With the use of DNA from various strain, we optimize the production of oil. We have big fermentation vessels and special tools to harvest the oil.

We rely on the photobioreactor, intended for increasing the blend of CO2 and light penetration for the optimized algae growth. We have the best researchers to ensure that we have created a very favorable environment for the growth of algae. Our knowledge and skills help in refining and proper distribution of the algae petrol oil.

Our passion in biotechnology

Most of our professionals have been engaged in our biotechnology company for several years, and they have gained much knowledge on GMP compliant products.

After we have processed the algae, the resulting oil will be useful for running cars and trucks. We find out the unique properties of algae strains for producing the biofuel. Use our renewable fuels and save the world. We will continue our study on the marine microalgae for petrol production.