Petro Algae is one of the leading biotechnology companies, providing you with the high quality, sustainable, renewable and carbon-neutral source of oil.

Algae- It’s really a green gold     We know the science of converting it into high purity oil.

Choose the strain

We select various strains of algae, grown in different climate and regions. It is the primary step for our sustainable oil production.

Harvest algae

We put the algae into the nutrients and water to let them reproduce easily with the touch of sunlight.

Derive the oil

We apply solvent for removing sonic waves or lipids and for spilling out the oil by bursting the algae


Our chosen catalyst eliminates oxygen from our oil for its replacement with hydrogen molecules.


Your diesel fuel is now ready and we pack it safely for supplying the algae oil.

Get petrol from algae

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Do you rely more on the bio substance? You have approached the best platform to get the crude oil from algae. We are able to meet your needs for biofuel.


It is a challenge to us to convert the algae biomass into the combustible fuel. However, we are ready to accept this challenge to please our clients. We have the best engineers and scientists to simplify the production of petrol. Petro Algae is a productive platform, using the fundamental science for algae conversion.


We use the cutting-edge technologies for the large-scale commercial-standard algae petrol production. We have the best chemical reactor to produce energy-rich oil. Our consistent chemical process helps us to turn out the crude oil within a very short time.
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It is our mission to take an eco-friendly approach. As the carbon footprint of algae fuel is very low, we choose it as the best source of renewable energy.

In the past years, we had made the right effort to cultivate and process the algae of different types. We have best-in-class algae oil production tools to go through a proprietary process. Our technology harnesses the potential algae's energy and enables us in reducing the production cost.

From the choice of strains to manufacturing, we pay high attention to our renewable oil production. We also validate the final product for the commercial readiness. Our advanced research helps us to reach the target easily.

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